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October 15, 2011

Fuck the police

I’m continuously taken aback by all the people who *still* think that the police are somehow here to protect society. Really? Not so much.

The police are law enforcement. It seems almost pointless to say this, but it is true. They exist to enforce laws. They do not solve crimes, as much as television would like to tell you otherwise. I actually think that one of the reasons there are so many police and crime procedurals is due to the fact that the system needs this propaganda to continue the myth and illusion that the police solve crimes and are here to protect us. People need to believe that this is the function that the police serve in society. It helps them feel safe.

While in reality the police enforce laws. Once a law is broken, the police are rendered pointless and ineffectual. If all the facts are known about the crime *before* you talk to the police, they may be able to address your complaint. But this is only if you are a member of the majority population and, thus, worthy of their attention and effort.

The major tool used by the police to enforce laws is their existence. Their presence in society acts as a deterrent to vast majority of the population of people who are honest and have no desire to break a law. This is how and why they are, and always will be, a tool of oppression. They exist to surveil and restrict the free movement of people. They are an armed militia at the beck and call of the government.

That they enforce laws is, of course, its own problem. Most laws have been created to support the majority and oppress minorities. All laws have been created within a system that is, by default, racist, classist, ableist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, etc. The entire ‘justice’ system, from the police to the courts, was designed and serves to elevate certain kinds of people while oppressing other kinds.

The most classic recent example? The case of the Black mother charged with vehicle manslaughter for getting hit by a car with her children. I could dig around a little on the internet and find more examples. It is *easy*. How about all the trans women who’ve been killed by the police in DC recently?

As a queer, non-binary, POC all the signs are around me and I pay attention. I’ve known since high school, when my Principal told me that they only way for me to be safe was to conform to gender norms, that no one tasked with my ‘protection’ was actually there to protect me. The police frighten me, unlike that Principal, because they have guns. Because they’ve been given authority by the majority public to *kill* people like me with almost no consequences. The existence of the police is why I will never, ever trust society (as a whole).

So, no, the police aren’t here to ‘serve and protect.’ They are the weapon our governments use to oppress us. They are the clearest sign that we do not live in a culture that supports freedom, equality, and justice. And I will always think that anyone who thinks differently has more privilege than they know what to do with. I sincerely hope that these people never have cause to have their illusions shattered.