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November 20, 2011

Trans Day of Remembrance 2011

The Biyuti Collective would be remiss if we didn’t post something about the trans day of remembrance. Here is the list of known people lost to trans hate this year. We remember you. We also wish we could remember all the people unnamed in this list. Our hearts go out to your families and friends.

The Collective was involved in host and organizing some wonderful TDoR events this year. Specifically we, in part, hosted a Trans 101 workshop. Of course, it was a sneak attack because it was more of a Trans 201 followed by Trans 500. Based on who we are and what we believe, we always believe that it is important to occasionally go beyond the terminology and definitions to locate the trans community and its struggles in the wider world.

This is, in part, to recognize that there are trans people of colour, that there are gender variant people of colour, that there are fat trans people, disabled trans people, neuro-atypical trans people, queer trans people, and any combination of the above (and all beyond our limited imaginations). The Biyuti Collective stands in solidarity with you all.

Our parting message, on this day of days, is that you all remember that you are biyutiful. To remember to guard and cherish your biyuti. You are all brave, wonderful human beings. We recognize your dignity, your worth, and your agency. Once again: your are all biyutiful. We wish you a year of peace and prosperity.