We are the Biyuti Collective. A blogging collective started with the goal of make the world more beautiful.

For those who don’t know, ‘biyuti’ is a Tagalog transliteration of the English word ‘beauty.’ It is a word in Swardspeak, the dialect spoken by Bakla in Manila. What it means in this community is something close to the notion of Christian soul but one that is embodied. It is your sense of self, your health, your vitality. Just you. It can be damaged, attacked, degraded, and hurt.
(much of this discussion is based on my reading of this book)

We believe in collective action and in being collectively biyutiful. We believe that real change is possible. We care about the world and its people. We criticize because we care. We care about the path to liberation because we know that true justice can only be achieved by just means.

We also believe in intersectionality. Collectively, we negotiate multiple sites of oppression and continue to struggle with it. We don’t believe in privileging some struggles over others, even as we must prioritize based on our current, and shifting, contexts. We do believe in centering the needs of other groups, when it is necessary and doesn’t contribute to the oppression of any other group. We believe in being human, being flawed, and loving ourselves because of this.

We believe in biyuti and are doing our best to nurture our biyuti and to create a world of biyuti.

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