This collective was created with the notion of giving a soapbox to a group of social justice minded people. However, in creating this space we had a few concerns: a strong disinclination to have discussions and simply to have a space where we can express ourselves.

Why don’t we allow comments? Blogging about social justice has a high emotional cost. It can attract the attention of hate groups, trolls, and various other people we have no interesting talking to. We don’t believe, after having read, observed, and participated in various online discussions that productive online conversation is really possible (or that, when it is, it requires far more energy and time than we currently have).

We will be, in general, blogging about social justice issues that interest us. We aren’t a news service and will not cover every issue (even the ones that we think are important). I (biyuti) also have fairly strong feelings about letting people advocate for themselves. Even when I speak to my own experience, I’m only really talking about *my* experience. Our opinions and feelings are our own, and only our own.

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