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November 26, 2011

Ignorance and Homo-hating

So. I watch a lot of Glee. And I’m troubled by their very ordinary understanding of homo-hate. First, Blaine tells Kurt that homo-hate in 2×6 is just ignorance (and then advises a very ill-advised confrontation with his bully that leads to sexual assault — which is a post for another day). Second, Mr. Schue later tells this to the football team in 2×11.

I do want to say that it may certainly be the case that some homo-hate is born of ignorance, I want everyone to be very clear that some homo-hate is born of hate. Yeah, that is right. Encouraging queers to constantly be wiling and available to educate and advocate about themselves is (again) telling us that we always have to be at the beck and call of straight people. That we need to continue to be the support roles in their leading lives. Just, no. And this is not the point of this post.

However, not all homo-hate is a result of ignorance. I have zero difficulty believing that there are several people out there (and by ‘several’ I mean entire countries or a goodly portion of the world) who are educated enough about queers and still hate us all. That they simply hate us, regardless of how much knowledge they have or have not amassed. I think this is especially true of those homo-haters who are in positions of power. These are not uneducated people. They aren’t stupid. They aren’t crazy (or any other ableist variation intended to disparage them).

They are, however, people full of privilege and hate. They are jealously guarding their privilege. They know exactly who and what they oppressing in order to maintain that privilege. We are talking about a group of people descended from people who had zero issues with colonizing and murdering millions of First Nations people. We are talking about people who are still actively and, without mercy, *still* doing this. We are taking about people descended from people who thought Black humans were subhuman and had zero issues enslaving millions of them.

When it comes to the people today who hate queers, do I think they are ignorant? Nope. I think they fail to have any basic level of human decency and empathy. I think they are cold, subhuman creatures who fail to quality as people. Some like to say that advocacy is important because it gives a human face to suffering. That some people are more apt to feel compassion if they know someone from the oppressed group. Sure. And if you have the energy to do this all the time, I applaud you.

However, I’m not sure I understand people who can’t feel compassion and empathy for queers unless they personally know one themselves (this applies to all other groups). Seriously? You can’t find it in yourself to have even a micron of empathy for trans people having high levels of bladder infections because they are afraid of (or have other problems with) public washrooms. All I gotta say in response, is, “Fuck you.”

If this is you, you fail as a human. You also have lots of company. Sometimes, hate is just about hate. Some people are incapable of feeling compassion. Some people, if given the opportunity, would probably cheerfully murder a queer. Shit, they *do* murder queers! They murder trans* people. They murder people of colour. The list goes on. Moral of the story? I’m not sure any amount of education will cure some people of their subhuman, hateful behaviour and feelings.